Neck Pain

Neck pain can develop as a result of various causes including long hours of working or studying, physical activities, accidents and injuries, stress or sickness. The pain and discomfort you feel may be nothing more than a passing twinge. However, left untreated, neck pain could signal more serious underlying conditions. Physicians, and especially neck and spinal (“musculoskeletal”) specialists, are tending to an inexhaustible number of new and existing patients every year.


Acute neck pain affects millions of men and women, regardless of age, race, or state of health. Whether your neck pain is minor or severe, you should consider visiting the experienced team of medical professionals at West Michigan Spine Center, one of the nation’s leading facilities for back and neck pain.

Causes & Symptoms of Neck Pain

The many components within the neck, including bones, joints, and assorted soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, nerves, tendons), require special care and protection. Soft tissue problems are a major source for neck pain which then radiates into the upper back, shoulders, or arms. Most of the time, this neck pain is temporary and goes away with time, although more serious conditions such as a herniated disk in the neck may require medical attention. Additionally, inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, tumors, infections, and other factors may cause neck pain. Aging and normal wear-and-tear can also contribute to the cause of neck pain.

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