The Spine Team

Meet our team of highly trained professionals

Each individual spine doctor has a unique attribute that blends together to make the perfect team. At the West Michigan Spine Center you will receive care from a wealth of dedicated medical professionals, including surgeons, physicians, physical therapists, physiatrists, and pain specialists to tend to your individual needs.

Dr. Neil H. Droppers

Dr. Droppers is an interventional physiatrist specializing in non-operative treatment of spinal conditions.

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Dr. J. Christopher Eyke

Dr. Eyke specializes in the treatment of neck and back conditions associated with nerve pain, herniated disks, stenosis, spine trauma or tumors.

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Dr. Yousif I. Hamati

Dr. Hamati specializes in the surgical and non-surgical repair of hips, knees, shoulders and the spine, as well as the replacement of hips and knees.

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Dr. John W. Hawkins

Dr. Hawkins is a physical medicine/rehabilitation and sports medicine specialist who diagnoses and treats back, neck and peripheral joint disorders.

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Dr. Reginald W. Kapteyn

Dr. Kapteyn specializes in pain management with an emphasis on improving function and independence using minimally-invasive treatment options.

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Dr. Katie McCausland

Dr. McCausland specializes in the non-operative treatment of bone, muscle and nerve issues, particularly in the back and neck.

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Dr. Mark J.R. Moulton

Dr. Moulton specializes in disorders of the neck and spine due to degeneration, trauma, infection, tumors, instability, or failed prior surgeries.

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Sandra Pritchett, NFP-C

Nurse Practitioner specializing in working with patients who have disorders of the neck and spine due to osteoporosis and polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR).